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The dōTERRA® Home-Based Business Opportunity

Taking your share of a $200 Billion Marketplace!

Experiential Marketing: Sharing the oils, sponsoring and teaching

Not really interested in starting your own business, but would still like a substantial discount on your purchases?  Look at the options available to your from dōTERRA®.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … "

Today, whether you see things with optimism or not, almost everyone realizes that some rather tough economic times could be headed our way.  It's not just a concern over whether or not we slide into another recession or a depression, or if the value of the dollar will hold; we could also be looking at a dramatic shift in the paradigm of pursuing your health and wellness goals.

Whatever you believe the future may hold, to survive and prosper in difficult times (should they come), you really need to be self-empowered. 

You can find a solution to both needs in a home-based business with dōTERRA®

However, whatever the future holds for us, there are good reasons to be optimistic as we move into these uncertain times, because of two things that many people today don't understand:

  1. There is no shortage of wealth in the world.  Even in these tough times, there are many people — largely aging Baby Boomers — who have ample funds to see them through all but the hardest of times.  Even as many other people worry about the future, this group is expected to be a $200 billion natural health market.
  2. A growing number of people are turning to natural health and wellness options.  Natural wellness options have been in a strong growth phase for many years, as many — especially families with young children — have sought out more cost-effective ways to manage their health and wellness goals.

The Class in a Box Kit from dōTERRA®: Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing the Oils.

Dr Mom Kit from doTERRA: The center piece of a successful home-based business in the health and wellness industry

An ideal home-based business opportunity

In light of these things, dōTERRA® offers you the ideal opportunity for these times, no matter what may come.  For a very small initial investment (beginning at only $35.00, for the basic enrollment kit) and no inventory requirements, you can start your own home-based business in the health and wellness industry and, working the hours that you choose, you can:

Not a get rich quick or pyramid scheme, this is a real home-based business

There are a lot of schemes and "systems" out there to make you unbelievable amounts of money, with little or no effort on your part.  (Yeah.  Right.)  This isn't one of them.  While your dōTERRA® business offers you the freedom to work according to your own schedule and goals, it is not automatic.  It is a business that you must build — which requires real work.

And, the dōTERRA® business opportunity is not a pyramid scheme.  While it has different levels of position and compensation, it differs from a pyramid scheme in the following important ways:

  1. There is a real product to sell; one that has real value and people will want to buy.  You are not selling memberships or earning commissions on simply getting people to join; you earn commissions on the volume of product sold (not what you buy).
  2. While active people, positioned above you in the organization, will likely earn more than you (as they would in any company), your income is based upon your performance; and, if you out perform those above you, you may very well out earn them, as well.

The point is: your dōTERRA® business is a real business.  It has real value (once you've created that value) and can be sold or passed down to heirs, as any other business; and it can be worked with the highest levels of professionalism.  (Even the University of Chicago has courses on this business model.)

About the dōTERRA® business opportunity

Many people, when presented with a business opportunity like this, freeze up and say, "But, I can't do sales."  However, your dōTERRA® business is based on Experiential Marketing (and we now offer the Class in a Box Kit, to help you share the experience with others).  While it would be somewhat disingenuous to say, "No selling required!" (as some companies do), the Experiential Marketing model is based on letting the products sell themselves.  You can be very successful without being a sales person.  You simply:

My most successful associate is a rather shy mother of three.  She has built an amazing business by learning about the oils and sharing with others about how they can support their individual health and wellness goals; and, when they can't wait to place an order for their own oils, she shows them how they can get the oils for themselves at a substantial discount.

One of the tools she used to greatest effect was the Family Physician® Kit

Enrolling in the dōTERRA® business opportunity

Enrolling with dōTERRA® is quick and easy.  Simply go to the dōTERRA® corporate website (actually, this is my W.A.* replicating — or Retail — website, like the one you will receive with your enrollment) and follow the Join & Save link, found on the home page.  Of course, you can take a tour of the website first, to learn more.  The site has recently been updated, with informative videos.  You will also find links to the Living Magazine, Leadership Magazine and current Product Guide.


[Note: Actually, I prefer to see docutments like the Product Guide in a PDF format.  You can find and download that very thing at dōTERRA Tools.  You can find the dōTERRA Living, Sharing and Building brochures there, as well.

dōTERRA Tools also has information about the company, its leaders and the Policy Manual, as well as all the products, Compensation Plan, Loyalty Rewards Program (worth enrolling for, all by itself), Shipping Rewards Program and more.)]


Inventory and purchase requirements for W.A.s

Unlike many companies of this general type, dōTERRA® never requires you to purchase or keep inventory, or have a monthly order of any amount.  You order what you want, when you want it.

That said, in order to be considered active, you will need to place at least one qualifying autoship order of 1 PV** or more (that's like one dollar), per six months.  And, to participate in the Compensation Plan, for any month you plan to receive a commission, you need a qualifying autoship order of 50 PV; to take part in the Fast Start Bonus or Power of 3™ Team Bonus, you need a 100 PV autoship order to be eligible.

As noted above, there is an enrollment fee of $35.00 (and a $25.00 annual renewal fee), for the basic enrollment kitdōTERRA® also offers a number of product enrollment kits, where, in addition to the materials of the basic enrollment kit, you receive a select grouping of products at a discount of 10% below the wholesale price.

During the enrollment process, you will need to give the company either a Federal Tax ID number or your Social Security Number.  This is for tax purposes.

Also, when you enroll, you will have the option to place a product order.  (This is entirely optional.  There is no minimum purchase requirement.)  You have the choice of staying with the basic enrollment kit, purchasing a product enrollment kit, placing a regular product order or setting up your Loyalty Rewards order (an autoship order, with great benefits).  Unless you are already familiar with the products, I'd recommend getting one of the product enrollment kits.  If you are committed about building your business, it might be better to get the largest enrollment kit that you can comfortably afford. 

That said, there is also a learning curve to the oils.  Depending on the time you have to give your business, it could be better to start smaller and build over a few months.  The point is: it's up to you.

How you earn with dōTERRA®

There are a number of ways your dōTERRA® business pays you.  You can earn a substantial income through retail and Preferred Member sales, the Fast Start plan, the Unilevel Bonus and with the Power of 3 program (see the Compensation Plan, for details).  And, with dōTERRA's generous Compensation Plan, you get paid on a weekly and/or monthly basis (depending on your group's structure and activity).  And, all of this is supported with dōTERRA's uniquely strong product loyalty, meaning that you will benefit from strong, long-term residual income.

As your business grows, you will be paid additional bonuses, for your organizational leadership activities.  These include:

These bonuses are paid on top of the retail and Preferred Customer sales, and the Unilevel Bonus.  This plan takes time to build, but has the potential be a source of massive income.  I started out hoping to earn enough to pay for my own oils.  It took five years — and enrolling a super-star — but this past year, I bought my first house.  These results are not typical, but not impossible.

If you have any questions about this, or how it might work for you, I'd be very happy to help you.  Because I'm working with a disability, it's always easiest to reach me by email; but, if you're feeling lucky, I'd be glad to speak with you about this on the phone.  Here's how to reach me:

Phone: 402-489-5064

To your better health and prosperity,


Lisa Lehman, Wellness Advocate 2050| Therapeutic-grade™
Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils™

Phone: 402-489-5064 |

* W.A. stands for Wellness Advocate, essentially a distributor.

** PV stands for Purchase Volume.  It's a term used in MLM businesses, since not all products earn the same a — dollar-for dollar — as all others.  With dōTERRA®, for most products, PV is equal to its dollar amount.


The Basic Enrollment Kit from dōTERRA® includes the following items:

1 Living dōTERRA® Naturally Brochure
1 Sharing dōTERRA® Naturally Brochure
1 Building dōTERRA® Naturally Brochure
1 Product Guide
1 Sheet of Cap Stickers
1 Welcome Letter

The brochures and Product Guide are available to view on dōTERRA Tools.

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