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Who we are, and what we're about, at Therapeutic-grade™

dōTERRA<sup>®</sup> Essential Wellness: Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Company Info (the short version):

We at dōTerra-Aromatics™ are Wellness Advocates (W.A.s) of dōTERRA® (Wellness Advocate Number: 2050).  Therapeutic-grade™ is a sole proprietorship company.  Founded in December 2010, it is a home-based business, operated mostly online, on a part-time basis.

Therapeutic-grade™ company structure

dōTERRA® is a Multi-Level/Network Marketing company offering aromatherapy products for sale.  These products are offered here at retail, but can be purchased directly from dōTERRA® at discounts, for registered members.

As Wellness Advocates of dōTERRA®, we do not purchase or repackage bulk oils, nor do we deal with oils from other sources.  We do not import or export products.

We at Therapeutic-grade™ are not licensed healthcare professionals

Although dōTERRA® products are suitable for a clinical setting, we at Therapeutic-grade™ are not trained or licensed healthcare professionals.  We are merchants.  Although we are knowledgeable about the products we sell, and would be glad to assist you in choosing products appropriate for you, we cannot diagnose or prescribe anything for your healthcare needs.  (See our disclaimer statement.)

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