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No website can be totally comprehensive in its scope.  Links to other sites with compatible information is the best way to make up for this limitation.  However, current interpretations of DSHEA and tighter regulation of information relative to products has necessitated the removal of almost everything on this page, due to "non-compliant" language that might be found on those pages.  I am truly sorry for this.


Essential Vitamins logo Essential Vitamins, provides unique dietary supplement formulas for natural health, wellness and longevity, featuring products from Energique, ecoNugenics, Bio-Design, Garden of Life, LivOn Labs, Allegany Nutrition, Body Ecology, BioResponse, Liddell Laboratories and Peaceful Mountain.  Because quality counts, Essential Vitamins offers you only a select few brands, brands that have been personally found to be helpful in my own quest for optimal health.

Food Products

Weston A Price Foundation logo Weston A Price Foundation, now part of the Youngevity group, is an amazing source for meat and dairy products that are all 100% Green-Fed™, going beyond mere grass-fed, to a diet that is designed to be eaten by ruminant animal (cows, goats and sheep).  While these animals do consume grass, they also eat other forage, like forbs, legumes and herbs.  Weston A Price Foundation also offers really raw cheese, Amasai™, a cultured dairy beverage (like kefir), spring water, some infused with botanicals and/or probiotics, and probiotic-infused chocolates.

Oregon's Choice Gourmet Albacore, an incredible source for healthy tuna, salmon, oysters, crab and shrimp.  If you love tuna, but have been concerned about the mercury content, then you need to check this out.  I'm extremely sensitive to mercury, and tuna normally makes me quite ill; but this stuff is actually up-lifting — and I never knew tuna could taste so great!

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