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Privacy Policy of Therapeutic-grade™

How we use your information: We don't!

It has always been a matter of personal principle to treat you as I would want to be treated myself.

This means you can trust me that:

Tracking your movements around Therapeutic-grade™

There is some pretty sophisticated technology out there that can give a website owner all sorts of information about your browsing habits.  Some websites use this tracking software to map your movements around the site, to determine how long you stayed on any page, the keywords you used to get to the website or to search once you got there; they can even tell how you entered the site and where you leave it to go. 

All of this information can be very helpful to a website owner.  The information that can be gathered from this tracking is really important to creating an effective web presence.  However, none of that contains any information specific to you.  No information is gathered about you; only about pages that are called up from the server.  I assure you that personal information will not be collected or analysed; only information that can help me build a website that will serve you better.

Respect for you

It all comes down to respect, of treating you as I'd want to be treated.  While no system is perfectly secure, I couldn't ask you to do business with me if I didn't take every measure to safeguard your privacy.

I thank you for your trust.

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