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therapeutic-grade: Certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils from doTERRA  

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DDR Prime Cellular Complex Liquicaps

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dōTERRA's DDR Prime is a proprietary blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade® essential oils, formulated to support healthy cellular response, repair and regeneration.  This support is important because, as we age, cellular renewal can be slow or be compromised by oxidative damage to cellular DNA.

The essential oils in DDR Prime provide antioxidant protection, and support a healthy response to cellular stressors.

DDR Prime is a blend of the following essential oils: Frankincense, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savory, clove and niaouli.  Other ingredients: Olive oil, non-GMO food starch, glycerin, polysorbate 80, purified water, maltitol and carrageenen.

How to use: Adults, take 2 softgels daily, with a meal (may be taken in divided doses: one each, morning and evening).  DDR Prime is also available as an essential oil blend, with which the oils may be placed into capsules for ingestion or applied topically.  Use only as directed.


60 softgel capsules bottle.