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Options for Purchasing dōTERRA® Products

Advantages of membership enrollment

Product Guide for dōTERRA, 2013

dōTERRA® has great products that will enhance your life in many ways.  Most of them are available on this website.  However, you have a few different options for ordering, which can save you substantial amounts.  All you have to do is enroll with dōTERRA®.

With both of these options, you order your product directly from dōTERRA®, using your own member ID.

Order direct and save on sales tax

If you live in a state that doesn't have a sales tax, you can save that cost by ordering — at retail — directly from dōTERRA® on my IPC website.  Since orders that I send out from here are fulfilled with products I have ordered from dōTERRA® (on which I've paid sales tax), I have to pass that cost along to you.  (My mark-up is very small, and I have other costs associated with processing your order.)  But, by ordering directly from dōTERRA®, you can save that cost.  That's like getting a nice discount on your order.

I hope this clarifies the options you have in purchasing these fine product.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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